Victoria Hay      Carrie Anne Hunt       Betty Mitchell        Rod Lindsey     Josh Henry     Keith Brooks     Jay Peterson
Lindsay Pierce      Sharon Jones      Lori VanVoorhis     Jason MeGahee
adapted and directed by Lisa Stock
to benefit the East Atlanta Community Association
"Snow, Glass, Apples" was performed in Atlanta in Aug 2011
Neil Gaiman
Sarah Coleman        Nicole Phelps        Andrew Greenberg
Elizabeth Kotz        Denis Van Huss        Zabrina Rios        Wes McRae
Dennis Madsen, EACA Parent's Network        East Atlanta Village Farmers Market        The Shelter Atlanta
adapted & directed by        Lisa Stock
produced by                         Lisa Stock/InByTheEye
assistant producer               Jody Yokai
costumes by                         Lorigami
crowns & jewelry by           Jen Parrish/Parrish Relics
lighting design by                Tim Sauerman/Greenman Studios
artwork by                           Bunny/Dark Bunny Studios
Ritual     Lorigami     East Atlanta Village Farmers Market     Dark Bunny Studios     Parrish Relics     Greenman Studios     The Sugar Dolls