Lisa Stock is a filmmaker and photographer based in New York.
Called "A skillful alchemist at work" by Faerie Magazine, her films
have been featured in festivals and screenings around the world
including London, Cannes, New York, Boston
, Tel Aviv, and on
Lisa's work combines the luminosity of magic with gritty reality,
and has crossed paths with best-selling authors Neil Gaiman, Julie
Powell, and Terri Windling. Her first feature film, "Titania", will go into
production in 2015. Lisa's current project is "M for MacGuffin".
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"If a book could be read in the same way as a painting is
taken in by the eye, that is, without the bother of working
from left to right, and without the absurdity of
beginnings and ends, this would be the ideal
way of appreciating a novel, for thus the author
saw it at the moment of conception."