I'm Lisa Stock, a filmmaker based in New York City. My work delves deep
into human nature, our own personal mythologies – what we embrace and allow
to happen – choices that lift us out of darkness and those that might not sit well
with our conscience. My films aim to bring these inner tendencies to life through
myth and magic realism.

My films include “HELL”, “The Silent Nick and Nora”, and “The Jules Verne
Project”.  My work has been featured in festivals and screenings around the
world including Cannes, London, New York, Tel Aviv, and Sao Paulo.  I’ve had
five plays produced off-Broadway, recently adapted and directed
Neil Gaiman’s
“Snow, Glass, Apples” for the stage.
My current project is TITANIA.
InByTheEye, comes from a Vladimir Nabokov quote:

"If a book could be read in the same way as a painting is
taken in by the eye, that is, without the bother of working
from left to right, and without the absurdity of
beginnings and ends, this would be the ideal
way of appreciating a novel, for thus the author
saw it at the moment of conception."
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