Episode 1 - 10/12/17
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One video, one minute, one shot, once a week - for 18 weeks.

As a woman goes through an emotional journey from revenge to redemption her life is directly
and indirectly influenced by the people in her neighbor's windows.

Created by LISA STOCK
with JENILYN RODRIGUEZ as the Voyeur

Be sure to check back every Thursday evening!
Episode 2 - 10/19/17
Episode 3 - 10/26/17 - Happy Halloween!  (Michelle Cahr as the Candle Lighter)
Episode 4 - 11/2/17 (Lisa Stock as the Neighbor, with voices of Victoria Hay and Jeanine Bartel)
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Coming in January 2018...
Episode 5 - 11/9/17 (Randee Dawn as the Writer)
Episode 6 - 11/16/17 (Katie Kirkpatrick, Ollie Rocha and Indie Rocha as the Pirates)