InByTheEye Casting Call

The Indifferent Voyeur is an experimental series addressing the anonymous connection of strangers.
It uses windows, magic realism, and mythology to bring the world of our characters closer together in 27 weeks.
Created by Lisa Stock (check out my work at


NEIGHBORS: Anyone and everyone who's interested.
  • Neighbors can be any age, gender, ethnicity - actors, singers, dancers, painters, circus folk, chefs, teachers, police, homemakers, doctors, etc.  
  • Willing, reliable, creative.  
  • NEW YORK CITY area only, due to scheduling.
  • Flexible weekend schedule a plus.
  • Please note - all characters are seen at a distance through a window.  
  • NEIGHBORS will TELL ME who they are and what they're doing in the room - this is part of the series challenge.
  • It doesn't have to be over the top crazy, I'm actually looking for some people to do mundane things like cook and sew.  
  • Get in touch!

This will take one afternoon of time.  Thank you!
Number of Neighbors needed is limited.  We'll be in touch by end of Sept, if we'd like you to join the project. Please include your email address.

Please email Production@InByTheEye -dot- com